About Us

Meaningful Beginnings provides premium childcare services for infants and toddlers ages 0-3 years. We were founded in 2013 with our first daycare in the Richmond District, San Francisco. We are loved and trusted by parents who wrote nothing but satisfied 5 star reviews on Yelp. MB has maintained this reputation throughout the years and will continue to provide extraordinary care for your child. We took our time to hire qualified teachers who are passionate in this field. Our retention rate for teachers are 100% and they have remained with us since day one. As for the children here, every child that went through our programs stayed until graduation day. We’ve since grown out of our first daycare, and into a brand new commercial daycare center with 2300 sq. ft. of indoor play space and 1800 sq. ft. of outdoor space. In this diverse city of San Francisco, it’s extremely important to expand every child’s horizon by exposing them to new languages at a young age. At MB, we offer extracurricular activities such as language lessons in Chinese and Spanish. The facility will be newly furnished in a wooden theme replicating a natural cozy home environment which prevents overstimulation–encouraging cognitive focus and creativity. We are a new era of child care keeping up with the latest technology. We incorporate a mobile report app which gives frequent daily updates monitoring: daily activities, meals, nap schedules, pictures, milestones, and much more.  We strive for quality and we take pride in what we do. ​Interested in coming in for a tour? Contact us today!

An adorable preschool age little boy smiles for the camera as he stands in his preschool classroom and gives a thumbs up.  He loves school!

Hours of Operation:

Monday-Friday 7:30am-6:00pm

Closed on weekends


Our goals are:

  • To support children socially and emotionally by providing caring teachers whom are responsive to the individual child while encouraging self-care and independence. Teachers also facilitates the development of self-control through structure and redirection.
  • To support children intellectually by providing opportunities that reflect the child’s interest. These opportunities provide time for interactive exploration while also providing a unique and exciting learning experience. Furthermore, activities prepare children for future life experiences.
  • To support physical development by providing a well-balanced diet, an outstanding outdoor classroom, playground and a variety physically stimulating activities.


Goals for children to be:

  • Personally and socially competent
  • Effective learners
  • Show physical and motor competence
  • Feel safe and healthy
  • To be happy, cared for, and loved
  • Build self-esteem / self confidence
  • Be creative thinkers



Our Approach


Mission Statement

​Our mission is to support children’s desire to be lifelong learners, using a multimodal learning style. Our staff is trained to work in an inclusive environment while being culturally competent in their practice. We strive to create a safe, nurturing, and developmentally appropriate environment that builds a partnership between children, families, and educators.


We believe children deserve quality environments that foster children’s learning using a holistic approach that benefits the whole child. We will strive to develop skills and provide opportunities by enriching each child’s social, emotional, physical, cognitive, intellectual, and creative abilities. Self-esteem is the critical component to optimal growth in your child. In order for a child to develop high self-esteem, we focus on developing the socialization and self-help skills needed to succeed in other areas of development. We will provide unconditional care and support for your child as we would for our own.

Just how well children learn to get along with others depends, to a large extent, on how they feel about themselves. If the adults who care for them have helped them to feel they are valued and competent, children are likely to be relaxed and friendly with others. Play is the way children learn about their world, themselves, and others, and the way they develop the skills and knowledge they will need to succeed in their lives. All children learn and grow in their own special way. We strongly believe that we have just as much to learn from our children as they do from us.